Yearly Archives: 2002

JADE 2.61 “Along the Secure Way” released

The main changes with respect to previous versions are related to the inclusion of JADE-S the new Security plug-in developed by the JADE team and in particular by Michele Tomaiuolo and Giosue` Vitaglione. By means of this plug-in a JADE

BlueJADE released

Dick Cowan released BlueJADE. This package enables the JADE (version 2.6) agent platform to be managed as a service under the JBoss (version 3.0) J2EE application server. For full details, please download the package and consult the top level index.html

JADE-LEAP ported on .NET

JADE-LEAP ported on .NET framework enabling interoperability between Java world and .NET (Steffen Rusitschka, Siemens). See here for more details.

JADE 2.6 released

As usual, the ChangeLog file on the web site reports the full list of modifications, where the followings are the most relevant: added to the DF the support for fipa-subscribe interaction protocol and also the SubscriptionInitiator/Responder classes that can be

Maling lists controlled via mailman

We have moved the 2 mailing lists under the management of Mailman. There is now a web-based interface for managing your sub/unsub-scriptions.

HP Labs announces JADEpL Agent Platform on the Jornada 560

HP Labs announces the availability of the JADEpL Agent Platform on the Jornada 560 series of smart handheld products running the HP MicroChaiVM application development environment, Version 2.0 Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) edition.

Version 2.5 of JADE released “One Step Beyond”

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.5 of JADE, release that we named “One Step Beyond”. We did in fact one step beyond trying to consolidate existing functionalities based also on the always welcome suggestions and feedbacks