Yearly Archives: 2004

JADE Board holds a Tutorial on JADE at the IEEE SMC2004 conference

At the next IEEE SMC 2004 conference in The Hague, The Netherlands, the JADE Board is going to give a tutorial on JADE for beginners. The tutorial is sponsored by the Distributed Intelligent Systems Technical Committee of IEEE SMC and

JADE 3.2 Released

Dear JADE users, we are pleased to announce the release of the version 3.2 of JADE. This version includes the new security add-on: JADE-S version 2, developed by the JADE Board. JADE-S provides security features and multi-user support in multi

Profactor and France Telecom join the JADE Governing Board

Two new companies joined the JADE Governing Board: Profactor and France Telecom. Profactor GmbH is an Austrian non-profit research company located in Steyr and focused on developing new methods for integrated production technologies and management systems for small and medium

Test Suite Framework released in LGPL

The JADE Test Suite Framework has been released in LGPL The JADE test suite is a framework designed to test JADE-based agent systems. Existing testing frameworks, such as Junit, are designed to test objects and stimulate them by calling their

JADE Governing Board Welcomes Whitestein Technologies to Membership

The JADE Governing Board announced today that Whitestein Technologies AG has joined its membership in November 2003. Whitestein Technologies’ membership is the Board’s most recent milestone since its founding in May 2003. The JADE Governing Board is a not-for-profit organization