How to upgrade user code to JADE 3.0

Author: Giovanni Caire (TILAB S.p.A.), Filippo Quarta (TILAB S.p.A.)

Date: March,12 2003

Java platform: Sun JDK 1.2 Windows

JADE version 3.0

Compliance to FIPA 2002 STANDARD specifications required also a slight modification of the API's of JADE 3.0. In order to simplify the code we also decided to remove some deprecated classes that where there for backward compatibility only. As a consequence in some cases applications written for JADE2.x may not run or even compile with JADE3.0. This tutorial tries to help in this upgrading phase.

The modifications introduced in JADE3.0 that may lead to backward incompatibilities are listed below together with an explanation about how to upgrade your code.

JADE is a trademark of TILAB. JADE has been developed jointly by CSELT and the Computer Engineering Group of the University of Parma