Errata Corrige

Developing Multi-Agent Systems with JADE

• Pag. 40, line 38. change ‘mtps’ to ‘mtp’.

• Pag. 40, line 46. change ‘mtps’ to ‘mtp’.

• Pag.265, line 36. change ‘mtps’ to ‘mtp’.

• Pag. 40, line 48. In order to launch an https MTP, a java KeyStore that contains certificate and private key must be specified. The keyTool distributed with the JDK can be used to create a sample certificate. In the book, the following two extra options should be specified on the JADE command-line:

-jade_mtp_http_https_keyStoreFile <fileName>
-jade_mtp_http_https_keyStorePass <passWord>

• Pag. 82, line 32. change getSchema(ITEM) to getSchema(BOOK)

• Pag. 89, line 5. change cell.add(act) to cel.add(act)

• Pag 112, line 46. change runtime to rt

• Pag 139, line 2 of the code listing. Omitted classname for variable outFilter. Change
private outFilter = new outgoingLoggingFilter(); to
private Filter outFilter = new outgoingLoggingFilter();

• Pag 141, line 19 of the code listing. This line can be removed as it declares the variable cmdName that is never used.

• Pag 277, line 34. The right bibliographic reference is “Moreno, A. and Nealon, J. Applications of Software Agent Technology in the Health Care Domain. Whitestein, 2003.”

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Developing Multi-Agent Systems with JADE
Fabio Luigi Bellifemine, Giovanni Caire, Dominic Greenwood
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