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Developing Multi-Agent Systems with JADE
Interesting Links

Below is a collection of links you may want to have a look to learn more about JADE related technologies, standards and activities:

The official Web Site of JADE. Check this web site for latest news on the project and for downloading the JADE Software.
The web site contains also information about two JADE-related mailing lists: jade-news to post news about the project, jade-develop to discuss problems and ideas concerning the usage and the development of JADE.

Telecom Italia
Telecom Italia Lab
Via G. Reiss Romoli, 274,
10148, Torino (Italy)

Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents. Specifications. 1997.

T.Finin and Y. Labrou. KQML as an agent communication language

Worldwide testbed for agent services. IST-2000-28385

UMBC Agent Web
The best place to start learning about agents and to stay tuned about agent news.

The European Network of Excellence for Agent Based Computing

Sun Microsystems Inc. All about the various Java editions supported by JADE and the LEAP add-on.

Stanford University. Ontology editor and a knowledge-base editor

The Apache ANT Project Tool

LGPL License – Frequently Asked Questions

Scientific Papers about JADE
Bellifemine, F., Poggi, A. and Rimassa, G. Developing Multi Agent Systems with a FIPA-Compliant Agent Framework. In Software–Practice and Experience, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, vol. 31, pp. 103–128, 2001.
Papers & Resources on the JADE Web Site

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Developing Multi-Agent Systems with JADE
Fabio Luigi Bellifemine, Giovanni Caire, Dominic Greenwood
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