Author: Fabio Bellifemine (TILab S.p.a)
Date: 12/09/2000

JessAgent is a sample agent that show how to implement automated reasoning in Jade application using JESS engine.

In order to compile this example, JESS is needed. It has been already tested with JESS 5.1
 – BasicJessBehaviour.class
 – JessAgent.class
 – JessBehaviour.class
 – JadeAgent.clp

To send messages to this agent you could use the jade tool DummyAgent.

Every time an ACL message arrives, a new fact is asserted in JESS. When a cfp message arrives to this agent the reasoning rule defined in the JadeAgent.clp get the agent respond to the sender with a propose message.
Jade classes used:
CyclicBehaviour, ACLMessage