How to use the benchmark packege with JADE Message Transport Protocol

Author: Elisabetta Cortese (TiLab

Date: September 20, 2002 

Java platform: Sun JDK 1.3.0 Windows or later

JADE version 2.5 or later


This tutorial describes how to install and use the benchmark add-on with JADE. This package contains a Java implementation of test to show how works JADE Message Transport and to show JADE behaviours when agents’ number is high. You can run these tests for two configurations:

  1. Intra platform communication:
    1. all agents are in Main-Container;
    2. receiver agents in Main-Container and sender agents in onother Container;
  2. Inter platform communication:
    1. MTP IIOP;
    2. MTP ORBacus;
    3. MTP HTTP. 


In this context, we have presented the results of test measurements of the messaging transport system of JADE The results of message round-trip measurements for several platform and load configurations, and different MTPs are then presented and analyzed. The obtained results show that JADE well performs in scalability in several scenarios (intra- and inter-platform). Read the benchmark document details.


In order to install the benchmark package the following steps must be performed: The benchmark add-on must be downloaded from the JADE download page. after downloading you MUST unzip the benchamerk package under the root of the jade distribution tree. You should end having a hierarchy like jade/add-ons/benchmark


If you have “ANT” program on your computer, in benchmark directory find build.xml
so digit: ant
Notice that kind of Makefile works with every OS.

Package contents

Enclosed in this package is the source code, some configuration files and some documentation.
After compilation you’ll find also classess and doc directories.

Getting started

In conf directory you’ll find some configuration file to run the test, go to classes/benchmark/roundTripTime/ and digit:
java jade.Boot -conf file.conf

Tests in “Parallel Mode”

In the previous tests each sender sends a message and wait for a reply before sending the next one, in a “serial” fashion.
It is also possible to run a set of tests into “parallel” mode, where each sender sends in sequence all the messages without waiting for the replies.

Some configuration files for the parallel tests are available:

  • ParalleTestSingleContainer.conf, for intra-container measurements
  • ParalleTest2Containers_TX.conf, ParalleTest2Containers_RX.conf, for inter-container measurements

For intra-container, just run:
java jade.Boot -conf ParalleTestSingleContainer.conf
or, for inter-container: java jade.Boot -conf ParalleTest2Containers_RX.conf
java jade.Boot -conf ParalleTest2Containers_TX.conf