JADE Board holds a Tutorial on JADE at the IEEE SMC2004 conference

At the next IEEE SMC 2004 conference in The Hague, The Netherlands, the JADE Board is going to give a tutorial on JADE for beginners.
The tutorial is sponsored by the Distributed Intelligent Systems Technical Committee of IEEE SMC and it will be held on 12th October, in the afternoon.

Programme of the tutorial.

Information about the conference .

All the material of the tutorial is available on line.

Any question about attendance and organization should be send directly to the SMC’04 organizers: mailto:smc2004@xs4all.nl.

About the JADE Board:

The JADE-Board is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of promoting the evolution and the adoption of JADE by the mobile telecommunications industry as a java-based de-facto standard middleware for agent-based applications in the mobile personal communication sector. The Board leverages, continues and consolidates the Open-source tradition of JADE through the continuous support and involvement of the Open-source Community. Its objective is the industrial affirmation of JADE through the establishment of consensus and contribution of the key players in the mobile sector and ignite a new wireless business cycle based on agent applications. The Board has been initially founded on March 3rd 2003 by TILAB and Motorola, it is open and welcomes all companies and organizations that have a concrete business interest in the exploitation of JADE and that commit to its development and promotion. The JADE Board lists currently five members: TILAB, Motorola, Whitestein Technologies AG, Profactor, and France Telecom.