JADE Governing Board Welcomes Whitestein Technologies to Membership

The JADE Governing Board announced today that Whitestein Technologies AG has joined its membership in November 2003. Whitestein Technologies’ membership is the Board’s most recent milestone since its founding in May 2003.

The JADE Governing Board is a not-for-profit organization formed to promote the evolution and adoption of JADE as JAVA™-based, de facto, standard middleware for agent-based applications in mobile telecommunications.

The JADE Governing Board is open to new members that have a concrete interest in the use, development and promotion of JADE. The JADE platform runs on top of JAVA and was developed by Telecom Italia Lab.

“The addition of Whitestein Technologies signals an important next step in furthering industrial affirmation of JADE from key players in the mobile sector,” said Fabio Bellifemine, president of the Jade Governing Board “Whitestein Technologies represents a doubly valuable addition to the JADE Board because of its long term commitment to the development of agent-based systems as well as its significant experience delivering solutions for the corporate market.”

Monique Calisti, vice president of research and consulting for Whitestein Technologies, said, “Whitestein Technologies’ participation in the JADE Board will help us further consolidate and strengthen our expertise in building agent-based applications. This is especially relevant for creating truly innovative, value-added services for wireless operators. The opportunity to collaborate closely with JADE Board members fits naturally within our strategic objectives.”

On December 17th 2003, the JADE Board delivered the first release of JADE since the founding of the Board. The new JADE 3.1 follows the release of JADE 3.0 last March and includes, among other enhancements, a redesigned kernel and a failure recovery mechanism. JADE 3.1 is available on JADE’s recently redesigned website at https://jade.tilab.com.

Additionally, following the JADE Board’s stated mission of promoting JADE as a standard for the mobile telecom industry, the JADE-powered ePresence application, conceived and created by Telecom Italia Lab, was ported onto the new generation MIDP 2.0-enabled Motorola V600 mobile phone and demonstrated at the ITU Telecom World Congress in Geneva in October 2003.

Telecom Italia Lab (TILAB), the research branch of the Telecom Italia Group, and Motorola, Inc., are the founding members of the JADE Governing Board.

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