JADE participated to the FIPA bake-off

JADE has successfully participated at the 2nd
FIPA interoperability test, also called FIPA bake-off.
The bakeoff
was held in London during the first week of April 2001 and the official
report can be found here. During
the bakeoff, the platforms (and the platform developers!) were stressed
a lot but we are proud to announce that we had to fix just a single bug
in JADE: the StringACLCodec required the content of ACLMessages to be enclosed
between quotes.

The new version of JADE, JADE 2.2, has been released on
Wednesday 11th April 2001 just after the bake-off. Its nick
name is “The taste of the community’s power” because it integrates
a lot of contributions from the user community: the EPFL HTTP-based MTP
and the XML-based ACLCodec, the Sonera bit-efficient ACLCodec, and some
effective HP-coloured improvements to the Sniffer GUI. Of course, this
new version also includes some new features implemented by the JADE team.

On the Web site, we have added a couple of FAQs and the
last, in particular, summarizes rights and duties of the LGPL license.
We have also added a couple of presentations in the papers
area of the Web site. They briefly describe the FIPA
organization and the FIPA process
and an update.

about the status and the future plans of the JADE project.

And soon more … we have a deep
but also, now that the community process is started, we have
a lot of expectations. The LEAP project
improved the kernel of JADE such that it can be soon executed on micro-devices.
The Agentcities project
counts a number of partners who are using JADE. Some Universities have
introduced some exercises based on JADE. …

This file lists all the Changes
that we have done to the source code of JADE.