Latest JADE add-ons

New add-ons have been recently developed and made available by the JADE community. A complete list is available at the add-on page and at the 3rd party software page. The latest additions are the followings:

JSA, developed by France Telecom within the scope of the JADE Board activities, enables to take better benefit from the semantic dimension of the FIPA-ACL language.

ASCML (Agent Society and Configuration Manager) is a JADE Agent which facilitates the configuration and deployment of agent societies. It uses well-formed xml files that describe both single agents, including which class have to be loaded and which parameters they can accept, and agent societies. A graphical framework enables then to configure, start, and deploy them on remote containers and/or remote platforms. This add-on was developed by the group of Karl-Heinz Krempels at the Department of Computer Science, Communication and Distributed Systems of the Aachen University of Technology, Germany.

JADEMX, developed by David Bernstein (Caboodle Networks, Inc.), is an open source implementation of Java JMX access for JADE software agents. This allows a JADE agent to expose attributes, operations, and notifications in a JMX-compliant manner as a DynamicMBean, as well as providing a convenient method for deploying JADE agents (regardless of whether the JADE agents are jademx-aware), particularly in a J2EE environment. Also, jademx exposes predefined access to both the JADE platform and agents. jademx can be used with both J2SE and J2EE. jademx has so far been validated with JDK 1.5.0, WebLogic 8.1 SP4, and Jboss 4.0.2.

abits-fipa-mesg, developed by Bernard-Joseph Roche, is a small Java API that allows one-way communication to a FIPA compliant MAS.