Paper on JADE in the Top 20 cited software engineering articles in 1986-2005

An analysis of the most cited articles in software engineering journals was published by Elsevier and Science Direct .
When looking at the average number of citations per year, the analysis ranks 13th our paper:

Bellifemine F., Poggi A., Rimassa G.,
Developing multi-agent systems with a FIPA-compliant agent framework,
Software-Practice and Experience 31 (2): 103–128 Feb 2001

reporting an average of 9 citations/year.

Table 1 of the analysis reports the twenty software engineering journals that were selected, including ACM Transaction,
IEEE Software and
IEEE Transaction on Software Engineering, and
Software – Practice and Experience.
Then, Table B2 reports the articles ranked on the basis of the average number of citations per year. We are proud to have our paper ranked 13th and we take this opportunity to thank all our users and all those researchers who continue to disseminate the usage and the features of JADE.