Prizes awarded to systems based on the JADE middleware

The multi-agent system “Deployment of agent-based health care services”, fully developed using Jade 2.61 and the Jade-S security plug in, has been awarded two prizes in the final phase of the AgentCities Agent Technology Competition: the 3rd prize in the Applications section and the special Public prize. This system, which is running in the AgentCities.NET network and can be
provides the user with a set of medical services. The user may request information about medical centres/doctors/departments of a city, may look up his/her medical record, or even may book a visit to be examined by a doctor. At the examination’s scheduled time, the doctor agent receives automatically the patient’s medical record and can update it with the results of the visit. Several other applications based on JADE applied for and were demonstrated at the same event. [Antonio Moreno Ribas]