Released JADE 3.0b1

Released JADE 3.0b1 “Paving the way for wireless agent systems”

This version of JADE was named after the wireless world as we did succeed in re-integrating the results of the LEAP project (that last year ported JADE on J2ME devices and wireless networks) into the JADE mainstream activity: all the very high-quality software produced by the LEAP partners (including TILAB, of course) is in fact now managed by the JADE team and distributed as an add-on via the JADE Web site. This re-harmonization and possible not-yet-discovered issues are the reasons for the ‘b1’, i.e. beta 1, in the release number.
JADE is also now at version 3.x and, as the new major release number anticipates, unfortunately, some APIs changed; luckily enough, those changes should not have a significant impact on your existing code. On the other hand, most of these changes were absolutely needed in order to comply with the new set of standards approved by FIPA last December.

A tutorial has been written
and an add-on released (called jade2xback)
that help programmers to upgrade their code to JADE 3.x.
Further to the integration of LEAP and the
compliance to the new FIPA standards, the ChangeLog file on the web site reports the full list of changes and improvements in respect to the previous version of JADE.
We intend to make 2003 a significant year for the JADE project and for the JADE Open Source Community. Important announcements and press releases will soon be made with new initiatives aiming at improving the recognition and the involvement of the entire Open Source Community and at further strengthening the JADE software and project.