Does JADE include graphical tools?

The JADE distribution includesa set of graphical tools to support the debugging and platform administration phase:

  • Remote Monitoring Agent (RMA), a tool to monitor and administer the status of all the components of the distributed platform, including agents and containers. The life-cycle of agents can also be controlled by the RMA as well as the connection with remote platforms and the installation of Message Transport Protocols. The RMA is therefore a kind of console of the system and it provides buttons to launch all the other graphical tools.
  • Sniffer Agent, a tool to sniff message exchange between agents. This tool is useful to debug a conversation between agents. It allows also to save the conversation to a file and load from a file.
  • Introspector Agent, a tool to debug a specific agent. This tool allows to introspect the message queues (incoming and outgoing messages) and the agent tasks (the behavior according to the JADE abstraction). The tool allows also to control the execution of the agent, in particular stopping and executing slowly or step-by-step.
  • Dummy Agent, a tool to compose custom messages to send and display the received messages. Messages can also be saved to a file and loaded from a file. The tool allows to simulate by hand the communicative behavior of an agent.
  • Directory Facilitator (DF), the graphical console of the FIPA DF, the yellow page component of the system. This console allows to register/deregister/modify/search for agents and services, it allows also to federate the DF with other DF’s and to propagate searches to the federated DFs.
  • DFFederatorAgent. This tool is only available in the misc add-on and it supports the administrator in creating a network of federated DFs.

A shell that allows skilled programmers to create more and more tools (such as logging exchanged messages and platform events into a DataBase for later statistical analysis) is also available.

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