How to get context sensitive help about JADE with Eclipse.

Unzip the directory jade/src from or from the latest snapshot.
The directory should look like:

  jade/src --| jade         
             | FIPA          
             | starlight

Create a .jar file from the content of this directory, named JADE_SRC.jar (the command line is "jar cf JADE_SRC.jar jade FIPA starlight").
If unfamiliar with jar command, create a file, always from the directory contents.
The file should contain a directory structure like this:

  JADE_SRC --| jade        
             | FIPA        
             | starlight

Any extra entry is unimportant.
Now we’re done with the source packaging, let’s tell Eclipse how to use it…
In Eclipse, open the project which uses the JADE libraries.
In Project –> Properties…, choose Java build path –> libraries (all the libraries used by the project should appear).
For every JADE library (Base64.jar, jade.jar, iiop.jar, jadeTools.jar) repeat these steps:
1. Click on “+” on the left to display “javadoc location” and “source attachment”.
2. Double click “source attachment” (a dialog opens, to modify the source attachment path).
3. Enter the JADE_SRC path (either .zip or .jar); choosing “External file…” you can browse your HD to find it .
Once done for all JADE libraries, Eclipse will show the tooltips taking them directly from the source code; moreover, you will be able to browse the JADE source as the project code (obviously in read-only mode). It will be available also for debugging, but depending on the JADE compilation some debug functions like “Inspect” may not work (this happens if there are no debug info in the .class files).
thanks to Ignazio Palmisano, 26th August 2003

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