What is JADE-LEAP and what are its relationships with JADE?

JADE-LEAP is a modified version of the JADE platform that can run not only on PCs and servers, but also on resource constrained devices such as mobile phones provided that they are Java enabled (MIDP 1.0 is the minimal requirement). It is important to note that JADE-LEAP provides the same APIs with respect to JADE so that an agent developed to run on JADE can run on JADE-LEAP with NO modifications at all. The differences between JADE and JADE-LEAP are limited to the low level communication mechanims invisible to applications and users.

The JADE-LEAP platform can be directly downloaded in binary form from the download area of the JADE web site. People interested in recompiling it should get the normal JADE distribution and “merge” JADE sources with additional sources included in the LEAP add-on as explained in the LEAP User Guide.

LEAP is the name of the European IST project that developed the LEAP add-on. The Consortium of the LEAP Project was formed by Motorola, Siemens AG, Telecom Italia, Broadcom, University of Parma and ADAC.

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