launch the JADE GOVERNING BOARD to develop new mobile services in JAVA.

Torino (Italy), Schaumburg (Illinois, USA) 8th May 2003 – Telecom Italia Lab (TILAB), the research branch of the Telecom Italia Group responsible for promoting technological innovation in the Group, and Motorola Labs, the applied research arm of Motorola, Inc., today announced the launch of the JADE Governing Board.

>br>The JADE Governing Board is a not-for-profit organization chartered to promote the evolution and the adoption of JADE, the platform developed by Telecom Italia Lab that runs on top of Java™ , by the mobile telecommunications industries as a java-based de-facto standard middleware for agent-based applications in the mobile personal communication sector.

The JADE Governing Board goal is the industrial affirmation of JADE through the establishment of consensus, through the contribution of key players in the mobile sector in order to expand consumer options and interest through new wireless agent applications. The JADE-board paves the way for mobile VAS services, where peer-to-peer communication and services on PCs, PDA’s and phones will enable tailored solutions for the mobile users and mobile teams to meet the increasing demand for intelligent mobile lifestyles.

Agents are pieces of software that can do things on our behalf by cooperating and exchanging information and content with other agents. It is like having a personal secretary that is always there with us on our mobile – said Fabio Bellifemine, president of the Board and also TILAB researcher – Motorola’s strong experience and its commitment to open standards will add significant industrial strength to the JADE community.

JADE increases the capabilities of the mobile terminals and can also increase the portfolio of VAS services of mobile operators said Terry Robar, technology acquisition manager, Motorola Labs.

The Board has been formed as a contractual consortium among all the Members, it is open and it welcomes all those companies and organizations that have a concrete business interest in the extension of JADE and that commit to contribute to its development and promotion.