The first book on JADE is available and can be ordered from Wiley

We are pleased to announce
that the first book on JADE is available and can be ordered from Wiley.

Developing Multi-Agent Systems with JADE is a practical guide
for users of JADE. The text gives an introduction to agent technologies
and the JADE Platform, before proceeding to give a comprehensive guide
to programming with JADE. Basic features such as creating agents, agent
tasks, agent communication, agent discovery and GUIs are covered, as
well as more advanced features including ontologies and content languages,
complex behaviours, interaction protocols, agent mobility, and the in-process
interface. Issues such as JADE internals, running JADE agents on mobile
devices, deploying a fault tolerant JADE platform, and main add-ons
(such as WSIG, semantics framework, and ASCML) are also covered in depth.
Various features to enhance learning are offered, including numerous
examples, problems, and illustrations, and a case study demonstrating
the use of JADE in practice.

The Table of Content of the book is available here.

The book will provide multi-agent systems practitioners, programmers
working in the software industry with an interest on multi-agent systems
as well as final year undergraduate and postgraduate students in CS
and advanced networking and telecoms courses with a comprehensive guide
to using JADE to employ multi agent systems.

With contributions from experts in JADE and multi agent technology.

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