Whitestein Technologies AG joined the JADE Board

The JADE Board lists now three members: TILAB, Motorola, Whitestein Technologies AG.
On 29th October 2003, infact, Whitestein Technologies AG joined the JADE Board in the perspective of consolidating and strengthening its expertise in building agent-based applications.

The JADE Governing Board is a not-for-profit organization chartered to promote the evolution and the adoption of JADE by the mobile telecommunications industries as a java-based de-facto standard middleware for agent-based applications in the mobile personal communication sector. The pursued goal is the industrial affirmation of JADE through the establishment of consensus and contributions of key players in the mobile sector.

The collaboration within the JADE Board has lead during the last months to a co-development of JADE features that take advantage of the functionalities offered by new Motorola handsets. A new application has been conceived and realized by Telecom Italia Lab, ported on the new generation Motorola V600 terminals, presented at the recent ITU Telecom World congress in Geneva and currently object of a field trial. New developments and additional features of the JADE Platform have been also implemented and soon the new JADE 3.1 version will be released.

The Board is open and welcomes all those companies and organizations that have a concrete business interest in the exploitation of JADE and that commit to contribute to its development and promotion.