WOLF 2.0.1 and WADE Tutorial released

Dear Jade and Wade users,

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.0.1 of WOLF, the graphical development environment for WADE based applications. As the version number states, this is mostly a consolidation release that fixes a number of problems related to the management of classes available in source form only.
Even more important, however, is the release of a complete tutorial (https://jade.tilab.com/wade/doc/tutorial/WADE-Tutorial.pdf) that guides the reader through all the steps necessary to develop an application where the main agent tasks are defined in from of workflows. The tutorial addresses a simple yet sufficiently articulated scenario and describes the creation of a complete multi agent system from the project setup to the execution highlighting noteworthy aspects such as invoking web services and delegating subflows. The complete source code of the application described in the tutorial is available for download at (https://jade.tilab.com/wade/doc/tutorial/toysAssembler.zip)